Thanks for clicking the poo there. Heartfelt welcome to the Angry Duck emporium. Just to let you know, there are many hidden places YOU can click on. Here is a link to the privacy policy for the Sticker App I really recommend that you download, it is far superior to any other app.

You never know where you can click before you try. YOU NAUGHTY CLICK PERSON YOU. You sort of look like the other giants in BFG. Look. And I am very much aware of that this is an unorganized and unpredictable website. It is supposed to be like that, I wanted it to. Predictable websites exists already, loooads of them too. With this one, you will not know what you get until you have gotten it. There are no good design rules here. Rules are everywhere else in your life, but not here, rules suck and so do people who care too much.

Please notice, if you are a boring prositute/teacher/know it all person who thinks you are god and this makes your facial muscles flinch and wrinkle, go have yourself some organic tea grown by goat monks or something to calm you down, and yawn to your face by the way. If not, enjoy this website like it was your own.

And as always, feel free to contact me, crikey. If you want to buy something, or say something or ask something. My email address is argaankan@hotmail.com and I will answer in a reasonable matter of time.

HERE is a recipe for carrot cake, it's delightful.

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Thanks for your time, have a nice day.

Goat Monk